Watermelon Festival Auction Rules

 1.         Watermelon check in and weighing will be from 7:00 am to 9:00 am on the day of the       Festival.  Name of grower and weight of melon will be recorded at this time.

 2.         Each grower is entitled to enter one (1) entry in each of the seven classes.

            There will be five classes of melons to enter:
(1)   Jubilee  (2) Cobb Gem  (3) Black Diamond   (4) Tom Watson  (5) Carolina Cross (6) Yellow Meat (7) Seedless

 Each grower will be required to bring three (3) additional melons that may be auctioned for the benefit of the Watermelon Music Festival.

             Should a melon be entered into the wrong class, the melon will be disqualified.     

 3.         All contestants must be residents of Waller County.

 4.         Payment to the Grower will be within one month after the sale or when the Hempstead     Chamber of Commerce has received all payments, which ever comes first.  All growers must    submit Social Security numbers and mailing address the day of the auction.  The       Chamber will   issue 1099’s at the end of the year.

 5.         The grower will receive 50% of total selling price of melons placing in the seven classes, auctioneer’s fees (5%), 20% will go to the non-profit or civic groups that work volunteer hours during Auction, 25% will go the Hempstead Chamber of Commerce.

 6.         When a watermelon is sold the first time the money will be divided as per rule #5.  If the melon is donated back for a second sale to a specific non-profit club or organization the money will be divided with the organization receiving 50%. Auctioneer’s fees (5%), 20% to the non profit organization and 25% to the Hempstead Chamber of Commerce.

 7.         Judges will be one independent, agriculturally knowledgeable people outside Waller County         residents to be provided by the Watermelon Music Festival Steering Committee.

 8.         The joint decisions of the Watermelon Music Festival Steering Committee, Auctioneer and   non profit organization are final in regards to the auction.

 The Hempstead Watermelon Music Festival Steering Committee shall be the only source of rules and regulations regarding this event.  The Watermelon Festival Committee reserves the right to amend or change the rules as they see a need.

 10.       All winning participants must be present during the watermelon auction for pictures to be on the website.